We are digital video media that provides regular entertainment contents in its channels on several social media. We works with brands to craft original-custom content, we believe in advertainment, where advertising and entertainment converge in the powerful force that is video

Marketing activities have to be performance oriented to deliver the best results. Kravtd Media is the one and only video publisher in Indonesia who have a deep understanding about the performance based marketing

Cost Per View Charging Model

CPV, is a method of charging for video advertisements based on the number of views or interactions an ad receives.

Targeted Audience

We ensure to deliver the right message to the right audience, that is why our channels are made segmented to those needs.

Data and Insight Driven

With the right analytics tools, we identify the right audience, the best time to upload, content type and collaboration strategy to make our video content worth sharing

Comprehensive Campaign Report

We believe the importance of campaign learning, the campaign insight and the story behind every numbers.

Effective & Effecient Process

With simple process, we make sure to deliver the results less than 2 weeks from client brief

Campaign Optimization

After KPI reached, we continue to optimized your campaign to get the most effecient investment

Our Channel

Hey Bro! TV

Channel for Male of Indonesia

Core Audience: Male 18 - 34 years old

Hi Ladies TV

Channel for all Young Indonesian ladies

Core Audience: Young Female 13 - 24 years old

Dear Mama TV

Channel for Millenials Mom's in Indonesia

Core Audience: Housewives 25 - 34 years old

Our Client

reach us

Office: Kecapi 16B, Kemang Timur. Jakarta - Indonesia

Email: info@kravtd.com